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Samuel Centrella is an award-winning writer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. He directed and co-wrote his debut feature "The Life of Peter Gottlieb,” for which he won "Best Director" at the 2023 Shockfest film festival in NYC. Sam's first play “Nutley'll Be There Tomorrow” premiered at The New York Theatre Festival at the Teatro Latea in Manhattan. He recently directed a short film written by Andy Polk, starring Hank Azaria and Kelly McAndrew. In 2017, Sam co-founded Tookany Creek Productions with fellow collaborators Reuben Barsky and Giorgio Panetta.

Sam focuses on narrative storytelling in film and on stage. With a background in dance and choreography, he allows movement and music to influence his work. Sam's stories feature larger than life characters, theatrical comedy and quotable dialogue.


The Life of Peter Gottlieb
Available on streaming 2025

A broken romantic comedy about a college professor who falls for his student Sabrina Carbonowitz. All hell breaks loose when Sabrina goes missing and two hard-boiled detectives make Peter public enemy number one. 


This is the story of two theatrical thieves who disguise themselves as clowns and cat-burgle a wealthy house in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Cold Water (a Nightmare) 

A man in the suburbs of New Jersey runs from his past in a docu-style interrogation.

The Dog Park


Proof of concept pilot about a man and his struggles at his local dog park. We never see the dogs, just the drama of their owners. 


Nutley'll Be There Tomorrow 
Premiered New York Theatre Festival 2023

When two running buddies on the street stumble upon an abandoned wedding, they're confronted with the lives they left behind and begin to wonder if they should rejoin society.

Eric and Denise
Premiering November 2024 

A bitter, aging couple has their final showdown as they wait to see their therapist. 

July '76
Script available upon request

Chuckie, an ex-New York cop turned pusher, hides out in the American Southwest. When an old pal hunts him down to earn his button, Chuckie is left with a decision--to keep running or face his old life. Set on America's bicentennial, this is a story of the American dream: sex, hope and the cost of freedom.

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